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Nicole Daily

Get that ice or else no dice

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Hi :) This is just another one of those daily picture communties, this one dedicated to Nicole Kidman. Enjoy!


+Do not direct link from another site without permission! If you need somewhere to upload pictures, GreatestJournal has free journals and picture hosting, so upload pics there.

+ Please put any pictures over 500 pixels wide behind a cut. If you don't know how to do this, the code is <*lj-cut> whatever <*/lj-cut> Just get rid of the astricks.

+ If you're posting more than one picture, please put all but the first behind a cut. [Unless it's more than 500 px wide]

+ No paparazzi pictures, because those suck.

+ Put any nudity behind a cut with a warning, because someone might be browsing from work or school or something.

+ You can post other tidbits as well, but there must be a picture with every post. It's not much a of a picture community without pictures. ;)

+ If you can remember, say where you got the picture from.

+ Don't advertise communities that have nothing to do with the subject.

I'm thinking we might do a different theme every week, depends how many members we can get!

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